Robert De Niro will play Enzo Ferrari in a movie


actor 71 years old will play the founder of the Scuderia , in a film for the big screen be based on the autobiography ‘Ferrari 80’ . Producers try that the film is directed by Clint Eastwood .


Robert-De-Niro-Enzo-Ferrari R obert De Niro will play the founder of the brand’s most famous cars in the world, in a new biopic that portray life Enzo Ferrari . The title of the film will be Ferrari and portray the history of the house of Maranello from 1945 to late 1980 .

De Niro was very excited to be chosen to play whom he considered an extraordinary man and unusual, with its advanced ideas managed to revolutionize the world of motor. The film will be produced by Gianni Bozzacchi of Triworld, in collaboration with Tribeca Film , a partnership led by Robert De Niro himself.

With the possible direction of Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro impersonate Enzo Ferrari.

was based on the autobiography ‘Ferrari 80’ and the production is trying to convince Clint Eastwood to your address, who say has been very interested, but before taking the do want to study in depth the script. A 71-year-old actor is very excited, ensuring that Ferrari has priority over his other projects.

The producers plan to shoot it in Italy and is expected to narrate the life of Il Commendatore over 40 years of history including not only its successes but also its failures and personal tragedies as death his son Dino only 24 years old, after a serious illness.

Robert De Niro has been related to the shooting of a film that embodies Enzo Ferrari since 1993, when he had been cast as the lead in a project that was to be led by Michael Mann but which finally came to fruition.





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