Robert Kubica: “it Would be the worst time to stop”


One of the great unknowns of the ‘silly season’ of the WRC of face-to-2016 is what will happen with Robert Kubica. The Polish pilot in a number of statements have been shown as the first option to have a program part with a World Rally Car to the couple that he combines this work with any other championship circuits. In spite of this, Robert Kubica understood that an exit of the WRC it would be a mistake and would throw away everything learned after winning the majority of tests of the championship with a World Rally car on two occasions. This experience should be used.

In fact, Robert Kubica believes he has taken a step forward, not only in terms of speed, but in the understanding of the different circumstances: “To be honest, I think that it would be the worst time to stop. The Polish understood that: “In the last five or six rallies I have felt more like a pilot of rallies mature. There are many things that I marvelled in the past and are now normal after they are discovered. When you feel comfortable in the car you pilot better, faster and I feel more than ever a pilot of rallies. Experience is gained in each test, although it costs a lot”.

This sense of maturity as a rider rally contrasts with the plans for the future of the Polish. And is that Robert Kubica has made clear that it will only be the next season in the WRC if you have a solid project -team official or semi-official – and proper preparation: “Monte carlo is a rally that needs to be properly prepared. It takes many test in different conditions and a lot of budget. Before anything I have to see if I have this budget to prepare. If I’m able to be ready, I’ll be there. Otherwise, I’ll stay home“.