Roberto Merhi to 70% of staying in the Formula 1

Roberto MerhiThe young rider from castellón has assessed its options to continue in Formula 1. Roberto Merhi says he is 70% within the F1 and now evaluates different options that have been presented to choose the best for your future as a pilot. In 2016 is difficult, or almost impossible to return to the Manor, not to be arising out of something unexpected, but it can be as a third pilot or pilot development of a team to stay within and opt for a steering wheel in the future.

Manor is the only door that still remains open, although I am afraid not to that between Roberto Merhi, but Will Stevens ALexander Rossi and Pascal Wehrlein, the latter with many ballots to conduct the Manor motor for Mercedes in 2016, since that is the reserve driver for Mercedes and the German team has a lot of interest in that test, so you could press to Manor to give him a flyer.

roberto-merhi-manordespite the talent, Roberto Merhi does not have it easy, because you can’t bring sponsors to the team where to go. However, the pilot did not give up and will fight to stay. As he explained in an interview to the radio station COPE: “Is 70%. We are looking at all options because there are quite a few and we have to choose the best.“. In addition, the Spanish rider has taken advantage of the break to take stock of their season 2015.

Is satisfied because “In any case, it has been an important year because I was able to achieve my dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver. Despite not having scored, the team is very pleased with the season. The best moment was at Silverstone, because at the end of the race I was at the same pace as the first ten.”.