Roborace: autonomous cars in the Formula E

The Formula And proposes a new category of autonomous cars

Formula E, immersed in his second season, has revealed plans to create a new category that was about to premiere the season 2016/17. It is a race car driver that was to take place two hours before the conclusion of the ePrix, called for the moment Roborace.

The competition will be in the development of the software

The races of one hour duration, will be carried out by autonomous cars electric. The teams will have units of the same characteristics and appearance, which will not be able to change your outside but will only be permitted modifications to software level.

The intention is that each one of the 10 teams have necessarily two units, a own and other developed through the crowdsourcing to encourage the participation of entities and external parties. The current teams of the Formula E have the door open for their participation in that category, although it is not mandatory.

All units will be identical, the teams will only be able to work with the software

will Be developed as a challenge regarding the optimization of the resources and the programming of Artificial Intelligence (AI), interesting for those companies and manufacturers who wish to develop technologies of vehicles without a driver. An entire field of testing to achieve feats such as the Audi RS7 Sportback Piloted Driving Concept at Hockenheim.

To Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E, the competition fits into the vision of the future as electric car, connected and without driver. In the event that the participation is not to be expected as they have commented that they would find a similar alternative under the same concept.