ROBORACE, or why you should go dusting off your old Scalextric

ROBORACE carreras coches autónomosThe autonomous car is more of a reality than a future. In Spain, since it is legal, under different conditions, circular with an autonomous car, but it seems that the competition is also going to suffer this revolution. Of the hand of the Formula E comes ROBORACE, a future championship of autonomous cars that will make you have to start training with your old Scalextric.

If something that car lovers don’t understand is why artificial intelligence should handle our car. Now put yourself in the shoes of a spectator of a race car, a race in which 20 robots with identical cars will fight for the victory. Does it make sense? As we are going to see that you have much as as little.

ROBORACE carreras coches autónomosFor a manufacturer, the competition has always been a matter of image and development. Throughout history the races have served as a laboratory for the development of not only racing cars, but also for future applications in commercial cars. There have come such innovations as the cams on the steering wheel and now a good part of hybrid solutions, without going any further.

ROBORACE has been announced by Alejandro Agag, the director general of the Formula E, and he promises us this championship self for the season 2016-2017. In other words, it seems they have everything more than tied down, and that will be a reality in the short term. will be the Complement of the same Formula E already caused a sensation at the create a championship of high level with electric cars.

ROBORACE carreras coches autónomosThe next level leaves us with an artificial intelligence that will have to take control of the car and fight with the rest of his rivals. As each car will be identical, each team must develop the programming of their robot. Probably the pilots pass the set up of the suspensions or the power delivery of the engine to teach a race strategy to a robot.

Is a showcase of technology, yes, but also a magnificent laboratory, taking into account the revolution is in store for us in car street. Citroën has already shown that he is working on the technology autonomous, so that it would not be surprising that forming a team in the new ROBORACE. Audi is also developing autonomous cars able to be faster than a human pilot circuit. There will be various manufacturers interested in develop there its emerging technology.

ROBORACE carreras coches autónomoson the other hand, will be several trade marks which, once implanted driving autonomous, want to get your name written in the highest category of competition cars that drive themselves. In the end, the races are a part of marketing, and the manufacturers are more powerful should be rows here.

The problem is that we speak precisely of competition, where, in addition to technology, work, and thousands of millions of euros invested, there is an inherent component of the human being. The passion. How many times have we grown tired of hearing that Formula 1 is just if there is no audience? How many championships have been dead not to have followers? Let me tell you that Formula E has not been precisely a success of masses.

ROBORACE carreras coches autónomosNow put on the track to a car in which there is no no pilot that you can encourage. Any pilot that you can applaud for an advancement end. Any pilot who can scold you for giving a hint to your hero on the track. ROBORACE is the pint of that is going to be less exciting than a race of Scalextric, where at least there are “drivers” behind the command.

there Will be to know if indeed the fans will accept this. Care, that does not mean that the end of the race with riders going to bequeath to your order. But the races need to emotion-based viewers, of fans, much as all in the end we intrigue this to see robots fighting each other. Do you take risky decisions? Do you make mistakes?

ROBORACE carreras coches autónomosMany times they sell us this technology standalone in the street as a element of security, we agree. But seen as well, wouldn’t it be better to work from home? Racing autonomous cars almost give me the same think. Why not mount a simulator in the offices of each team and relay racing? Because there is not much to innovate in the area of technology applicable to the street. It is clear. That’s why they should not sell the security as one of its arguments.

ROBORACE seems already more than a reality, and if it is carried out is because there is interest on the part of some manufacturers. And when I say manufacturers I mean not just brands of cars (robots), but also to software developers. Without a doubt, it will create a new technology business that will have a future if the autonomous car finally just implementing on the streets. In short, that Sunday at noon maybe change the tv remote or your seat at the start / finish straight of the circuit by a command from Scalextric. Ponte to train, you’ll never be so close to be a pilot.