Roborace: racing autonomous cars will debut in 2017

The category in which competing cars without a pilot already has his first prototype. It is Roborace, a competition that will accompany the Formula And that promises to revolutionise driving autonomous.

Robocar Daniel SimonSi something was missing in to the racing cars after several years of questionable decisions and a bit of boredom that affect the Formula 1, is the arrival of a new category in which shall not be required pilots, although at the same time promises to revolutionize the technology related to the driving autonomous.

Roborace, a new category of autonomous cars that will be part of the spectacle of Formula E and that already has a first prototype of imposing appearance. The prototype was designed by Daniel Simon, responsible for the design of the vehicles in futuristic movies such as Tron: Legacy and Oblivion.

Its launch will take place next year and promises a deployment of technology never seen before, where the human component will take place only outside of the circuit. The category will have 10 teams, each of them operating two cars. The cars will be all the same, and the only difference will be the software implemented by the engineers.

This means that there could be a place for a transfer of driving technology autonomous to the cars on the street, taking into account that the engineers will work specifically in this technology to defeat the competition, a technology that sooner or later will end up being part of all the cars that are sold in the future.

Roborace will be something more than a battle between cars controlled remotely, since each of the vehicles will be scheduled to be able to interact with others. The software that is still being developed, will allow cars not only avoid accidents, but also to achieve a strategy that will be permitted to gain positions.