Rolls-Royce and Cullinan, the largest diamond in history

Cullinan , the South Star, the largest diamond ever. 3,000 carats and 600 grams for a precious gem was found for over a century in South Africa. The name seems appropriate for the car that could wear it, the first SUV Rolls-Royce, a huge luxury vehicle that has already generated some controversy Diariomotor. Do you really be a SUV , or rather a great shooting-brake of country style? All we have very clear is that launch has been confirmed . published these days in the internal forums Rolls-Royce already talk of a name, Cullinan, the internal designation that would have chosen for the project, which of course does not have necessarily coincide with the final name that receives this model.

Among other things, Autocar would advance that would enjoy a twelve-cylinder engine derived and used by the Phantom possibly the most powerful Rolls-Royce has been used. No surprise. Their benefits, little information, but you know that Rolls-Royce is not much given to go into those details, except for honorable exceptions like the new Rolls-Royce Wraith suddenly was a small revolution for “Rolls” highlighting the qualities driving and benefits of your new machine.

The way came the official confirmation of this release, the first SUV Rolls-Royce, was somewhat surprising. An open letter to those responsible for the brand announcing to the press and customer event was coming long before they even go see the final product, or even earlier prototypes. Clearly Rolls-Royce wanted to reveal this surprise sooner generate buzz and confirm a product, not without controversy, could well represent a large portion of its sales in the coming years.

In Diariomotor: SUV seems SUV is: Rolls-Royce announces first SUV in its history

Rolls-Royce SUV

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