Rolls-Royce called to review a single Ghost


If there is a call to review, it is, even if you just talk about a car. It is the case of a Rolls-Royce Ghost manufactured on January 23, 2014, when he had not yet left the restyling (Series II). The problem is, the airbags, the thorax.

In the case of an accident due to a collision side, there is the risk that the airbags do not offer the appropriate level of protection, so that would not be met rule 214 of the authority of standards of safety (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard). Therefore, Rolls-Royce is legally obliged to review it.

In consequence, the single Ghost will pass by the workshop to change the side airbags in the seats, both the driver and the passenger. Obviously, the landlord will be free. Bearing in mind that Rolls-Royce manufactured 4.063 cars in 2014, a single affected unit represents a high standard of quality.

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