Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion: fashion designers take control

Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion

The canvas Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion is available in several colors. Bright hues and cheerful.

As if it were the presentation of the new Collection Spring/Summer 2017. Well presented Rolls-Royce, the new special series of its iconic convertible. Giles Taylor, Design Director Rolls-Royce, has brought together numerous designers of fashion, accessories and add-ons to create what we see in images. The series “Inspired by FashionRolls-Royce Dawn.

The result is obvious. A model that gives us a great contrast between the sobriety and elegance of its british design with a more cheerful and jovial, thanks to different details and finishes painted in very vivid colors. As we can see in the unity of the images, these designers who have worked with Taylor to create the new special series of the Rolls-Royce Dawn have party of the basis of a color “Andalucian White” for the body.

it Is the perfect color to create contrasts. In particular, Rolls-Royce allows us to choose three colors for the canvas roof as well as for different trim and details that we find in the cabin. The colors that we can choose are the following: Red Mugello, Cobalt Blue and Mandarin. The rest of the interior is “dressed” in a color-Arctic White and black leather.

Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion - interior

In the interior we also find many details that capture our attention.

A leather upholstery present in elements such as the steering wheel and with the contrast stitching, depending on the color chosen. The color chosen to match the white hue of the exterior and interior color will also be displayed in items like the door panels, seats and on the mats. For its part, the dashboard has a piano black finish, to which we must add several details on aluminum.

Another detail in which you possibly will not have noticed and that is very curious is that in the panels of the doors we find a very curious pattern. It is the “Spirit of Ecstasy”, the emblem of Rolls-Royce.

When will hit the market? The british brand will open the reservation period for a custom unit of the Rolls-Royce Dawn Inspired by Fashion from the next month of November. The first deliveries will be made early next year. As usual in these cases, has not revealed the price that will have since each unit produced is unique.