Rolls-Royce Ghost II Spofec: Extra personality, extra power

Spofec , specialized in Rolls-Royce division of Novitec , again shows his good work with Rolls-Royce Ghost II that the extra power corresponding combines with new aesthetic details ready to make this Ghost II a dark object of desire, luxury, performance based.

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The preparation of Spofec starts in the aesthetic with new front bumper well accompanied by a new splitter lower, new side skirts on the sides and a new rear bumper completing the whole a new wing on the tailgate, lip-type, discreet.

In addition, guests are also four new sets of 22-inch wheels put while the chassis is also revised from a air suspension with variable height and a new carbocerámicos brakes, but what about your drive?

to the 570 hp version we run into an increase in power that takes you to the 685 horses while its torque rises to 958 Nm. 600 for alternative however horses will increase until the 710 horses , leaving its torque 974 Nm. In the case of the latter alternative performance based on 0-100 km / h is settled with only 4.4 seconds, while the alternative of 600 horses does the same with the luxury set a tenth.

This power increase is settled to blow Spofec reprogramming but also offers a new exhaust system .

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