Rolls-Royce is tempting us, slowly stripping his new Dawn

Rolls-Royce presented on September 9 new Dawn . It is a convertible of luxury, but that does not mean they will replace the Phantom Drophead Convertible as king of the luxury convertibles. The Rolls-Royce Dawn is a beautiful coupe convertible version Wraith – Rolls-Royce has the best names in the industry, certainly – and will be revealed in full the next day September 9. But Rolls-Royce is tempting us with successive Sim Teasers and suggestive images.

An analog clock – possibly located in a central position – put a touch of class in a space that promises to be the ultimate expression of luxury in the open, with permission of the Phantom Drophead Convertible. Sorry Mercedes, the new S-Class convertible is wonderful, but Rolls-Royce is an even higher league. The second image is the chrome registration doorway, clean, shiny and elegant.

rolls-royce-dawn-teasers-2 Gates confirms that as the last image will be opening suicide , a characteristic feature of Rolls-Royce. An image that oozes class and summer. No more news, but we will share with one Wraith propeller 6.6 V12 Biturbo with approximately 630 hp power. It will be the most powerful convertible in the history of Rolls-Royce and one of the most powerful on the market as well as being opulent as could be.

rolls-royce-dawn-teasers-1 Soon we will have more details in a few days.

In motor: Rolls-Royce Wraith, a coupe high-flying horsepower and 624

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