Rolls Royce Phantom 2018: hunt for the first time your inside


The new Phantom is uncovered little by little.

Our photographers have once again catch one of the developmental prototypes of the new Rolls Royce Phantom. On this occasion, capturing for the first time the interior of the new luxury saloon british, which was hidden behind a thick camouflage, has allowed us to recognize some of the new features of this new model.

On the outside we do not get any surprises. The ways of the new generation of the Phantom will be an evolution of the design of the previous model, as we saw already in his day, with the spy pictures of the test units hunted in the united States.

The novelty that brings this new prototype, externally, is that for the first time we see in operation their optical final. Including your daytime running lights, which draw a frame around the optics of a rectangle, whose design also continues the of the outgoing model.


The rear shows us their optical final.

lenses rear also uncover slightly in this prototype, showing a curious rectangular design vertical, with some camouflage in the center.

The british brand will present a new Phantom loaded with technology. If by one side you will find a new aluminium frame, that will lower many kilos on the scale, in the interior we find the first dash completely digital employee by Rolls-Royce.

like that which we can find in the S-Class of Mercedes-Benz, the new Phantom will have a huge screen which serves as a dashboard of instrumentation, and where a good safe driver, or chauffeur, you will be able to relate various functions of the vehicle and its systems.


a Lot of camouflage can’t hide your big screen.

The interior was also completely camouflaged, but could not hide his square central console, with a few vents circular chrome and a controller on the centre tunnel, style iDrive of BMW, which we believe will serve to drive the multimedia system of the computer of infotainment.

In regards to its mechanics, we expect to find a V12 engine derived from the BMW used in the new 7 Series. In addition to a more than likely version plug-in hybrid, the first also in the long history of the brand.