Rolls Royce presents another special edition of the Dawn, the Black Badge

Festival of speed GoodWood is taking place during these days and the major brands of sports have not wanted to stay outside. Among the main attendees are Aston Martin, Jaguar, McLaren, Maserati, and as not, Rolls Royce. In this case, the English house has decided to bring to quote a version even more exclusive of its convertible Dawn.

The Rolls Royce Dawn it is a convertible of numbers extraordinary. The first of these is its size, because with 5.3 meters by far the largest in its category. In this case, it has been applied to the Dawn package Black Badge that was presented last year on the Coupe Wraith. The first difference that exists between the cabrio “normal” is your power because it passes from 570 hp to 601 hp and 840 Nm of torque.

With this engine the Rolls Royce Dawn Back Badge is able to move the 2.6 tonnes that weighs so solvent. Mark a 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 4.9 seconds thanks to the gearbox of auto slitting and 8 relations are perfectly staggered. The maximum speed has not been revealed, but according to the increase of size which have undergone the brakes, it is likely that around 300 kilometres per hour.

One of the trinkets that he has introduced Rolls Royce to your Dawn it’s a exhaust system that has a special function “Low”. With it enabled, the sound emitted by the engine becomes more serious, making his look becomes more sporty. To finish off the set of Dawn Black Badge we have a soft top, in pitch black, black leather everywhere (with inserts in orange), a front grille and spirit of ecstasy painted in chrome and dark a tone for the body-black hand-polished.

the rest of The interior does not suffer large changes, therefore by the quality of materials and technology is still at a good level. Its price has not been announced by the brand, but surely rises to several hundreds of thousands of euros.

Source – Rolls Royce

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