Rolls-Royce teaches us how to sell 3.785 cars super-luxury in a year

what Crisis? What crisis? Rolls-Royce returns to surprise us with the numbers of enrolments of scandal. Rolls-Royce has closed, 2015, with a total of 3.785 vehicles of conglomerate presence delivered throughout the world. . The figures are spectacular, although not superior to those of last year, in which for the first time in its history exceeded the barrier of 4,000 units. This year its sales have fallen in 278 units, which is a great result, if we take into account that none of their products start for under 200,000€, and that the vast majority of their sales far exceeds these figures, especially if we take into account the high degree of customization to which they are subject the majority of their bookings.

The crisis in China has made the sales of Rolls-Royce are suffering. Even so, 2015 has been the second year that Rolls-Royce have been sold around the world, by behind 2014, which totaled 4.063 sales.

3.785 units may seem like a small thing. But the figure acquires a lot of value when we consider its progression over the last decade. Between 2004 and 2006, they sold around 800 units a year around the world, in 2007 it surpassed the barrier of the 1,000 units, and in 2014 will exceed even the barrier of 4,000 units.

Rolls-Royce has grown this year in almost all the major markets in which the brand is present. Maybe that’s why you’re wondering why your sales have declined this year. And the explanation is that the economic situation in China.

rolls-royce-ventas-2015-03the united States remains the most important market for Rolls-Royce, in which its sales have grown this year by 7%. The big problem, have been found in China, where sales have fallen 54% over the previous year. It is not surprising that a nation as small as the United Arab Emirates, and at the same time populated of sports and luxury vehicles, has surpassed China this year, which has fallen to third place in the list of most important markets for Rolls-Royce. It is followed by United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

rolls-royce-ventas-2015-02beyond what is flattering to the figures of Rolls-Royce in recent years, we still have to take into account that these figures could grow significantly in the coming years. Remember that Rolls-Royce is already working on a sort of SUV, which will use a new aluminium platform, and that could become the big star of the brand in the coming years.

Source: Rolls-Royce