Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, this is how you see the future of the double R

¿Remember the eccentric BMW Vision Next 100? The futuristic sports the signature bavarian is not the only one who dares to to advance the next 100 years of your brand in a unique concept vehicle. Rolls-Royce and MINI have also proposed to submit a lines are very broad, and bold, about how they see the future from your perspective.


The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 is a prototype of a design unusually risky for a brand as purist as it is Rolls-Royce. Unmistakable are his grill straight and wide with the spirit of ecstasy adorning the highest part of this, as well as the optical front rectangular. However the body of this vehicle is hardly recognized.

As you look from the front or from behind, the prototype reminds us of a catamaran, the body appears raised while the wheels are completely enclosed by the body, giving the sensation that the prototype levitate a few inches off the floor.


Rolls-Royce can see the future in a very clear way: a autonomous vehicle that do not harm the environment while moving and the ultimate in luxury for its occupants. The interior of the passenger compartment can only be accessed by opening a door of important dimensions, opening up for suicide as is usual, in addition to the ceiling as if a dome it were. The access is really comfortable stepping foot inside until we acomodemos.

Your cabin is only focused towards passengers

The interior looks like a five star hotel with a large sofa that will allow us to adjust while the vehicle that transports us toward our destination. All the interior will be completely customizable so that only our budget is the one who sets the limits counting with all kinds of high-quality materials and adding all the accessories that are needed by the owner. It is more, it is left to the choice of the client to the outer shape of the vehicle, as well as the distance between the axles that you want.

there is a space intended for the driver since that is the vehicle who directs us at all times learning about our tastes at the time of decision-making. Our interaction with the vehicle is made from a OLED screen and transparent curve that encompasses the entire width of the vehicle.

to The exit, a lighting system provides us with a red carpet virtual to make our arrival a real event. As it could not be otherwise, the door contains on its interior a pair of umbrella if the weather does not want to join us too. Our luggage is charged on a trunk that is located just behind the front wheels.


A vehicle of the future is electric, so that Rolls-Royce has devised for this prototype a propulsion system with purely electric high-performance that consists of two engines of 250 kW of power (340 HP), one coupled to the front axle and another at the rear that provides excellent performance being respectful with the environment.