Rolls-Royce Wraith “Inspired by Music”: tribute to glam rock & roll myths

From Rolls-Royce delight us again with a new special edition with Rolls-Royce Wraith starring and under the label of “Inspired by Music” pays tribute to all those icons of contemporary music and rock & roll at some point have chosen a Rolls-Royce as a reflection of his success.

This special edition comes finished with painting “Lyrical Copper” while in the compartment we have a finish sober where the black leather is contrasted by a finished bronze that extends from the dashboard to the speakers of your sound system.

This sound system, dubbed “Bespoke Audio” was created from scratch in a job that has taken two years between some of the best sound engineers of motorsport and designers Rolls Royce interiors.

The “Bespoke Audio” is comprised of two woofers, tweeters seven and seven speakers dedicated to medium range, having a total of 1.300W .

Mechanically this special edition intact propeller V12 6.6-liter that by biturbo is able to develop until 624 horses .

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