Rolls-Royce Wright Regatta, nautically inspired with his own private jet to game

it is increasingly common to see cars and preparations that represent the opulence extreme, but few times have we seen something as extreme as the preparation that we bring to you today. Get together in a cocktail shaker a Rolls-Royce Wraith, yachts, ships, mahogany wood, gold, and platinum, and as a result of all this will give us the Rolls-Royce Wraith Regatta. It is a preparation designed by Eddie Sotto, a major american designer who once vice president of Disney design.

To this creation, has taken as base the Rolls-Royce Wraith and it has inspired by the nautical world to modify the aesthetics of the vehicle. Outwardly called powerfully the attention to the mahogany wood that has been used to coat the hood, roof and trunk of the car, creating a longitudinal stripe that contrasts with the white paint present on the rest of the car. The same tone of color of the wood has been used to paint the crevices of the handles of the doors and the rims.

rolls-royce-wraith-regatta-6In the interior we find the same pattern on the outside, with a profusion of the use of wood in a good part of the cockpit. If this outside little, parts such as the steering wheel, the inserts of the dashboard and center console, and even the buttons of management of the different components (air conditioning, multimedia equipment and even windows) are manufactured in gold or platinum. The rear seat passengers also will be entertained with these materials.

the Materials are so unique and used in quantities so generous to make this customization cost more than a million dollars (not including car). Of course, there are freedom of colors and materials for anyone who wishes to adapt this proposal to their tastes.

rolls-royce-wraith-regatta-7if this outside little, Eddie Sotto also proposes a private jet designed with the same pattern that this Wraith Regatta. Based on the jet Embraer Lineage 1000E, involves an outlay of 83 million dollars. The exterior design is not convincing to everyone, but to lift up the hand that would not like to have a jet and a Rolls-Royce to play in the garage.

Source: Motor1