Romain Grosjean: “I would like to drive for Ferrari”


Romain Grosjean lives the last remnants of a stage. After six seasons, active in the bosom of the Renault – Lotus, two Big Prizes separate the French pilot of his new project, be the pilot punter on the team Haas F1. Many have seen the movement of the French pilot as an intermediate step to end up calling in the Scuderia Ferrari. Romain Grosjean denies this possibility, but has no problem in recognizing that would like to be able to compete with a Ferrari. Few drivers resist the mysticism of the Scuderia of Maranello and the frenchman is not an exception.

In recent statements to Sky Sports, Romain Grosjean wrote: “Ask any pilot around the world, and none of them will tell you that you do not want to drive a Ferrari some day. This was not my motivation at the time of joining Haas F1, but it is good to know that you may work with a team that has the support of Ferrari,”. In this line, Grosjean added: “to Join Ferrari would be a dream in the next two years. Do two, three, four? I don’t know, but I would like to drive for Ferrari before the end of my career“.

For this reason, Romain Grosjean wants to focus on the new challenge to compete with Haas F1 team that is doing a good job: I like the way with the Haas deals with the Formula 1, the association with Ferrari is very smart. The car will be ready from the first test, which is a good sign for a new team”. In fact, the pilot of Geneva is entrusted: I Think we can surprise a lot of people. I felt that joining Haas was the best way to achieve the goal of being Champion in the near future. My best years are still to come”.