Romain Grosjean says Lotus in the points


Abu Dhabi was a Great Prize emotional for Romain Grosjean since the frenchman was contesting his last race with Lotus. At 29 years of age, Grosjean says goodbye to the team that has been his family since 2005 to undertake a new project with Haas F1. A bet that only time will tell if it is accurate, but that it has become necessary for a Romain who was not satisfied with the future of the team. Despite the lack of performance of the Lotus E23 Hybrid, Romain Grosjean managed to finish ninth in his last race the team.

Romain Grosjean explained after the race that: “it Has been a day very emotional for me and I am happy to compensate the people of Enstone with some points in my last race”. By way of summary, the frenchman added: I’ve had to push all the time and has not been a bed of roses. The call to enter the pits have been perfect and the pit stop fantastic. I owe a lot to the team because it has been a family to me. I hope to return some day in the future. Has been the best season of my career“.

Good drive and bonne chance @RGrosjean. Thanks for bringing the car home in one piece and handing me the keys!
— Jolyon Palmer (@JolyonPalmer) November 29, 2015

After the race, Romain starred in a series of acts of farewell. He did have a photo with all the members of the team dressed up in your face and will even ‘give the keys’ to their surrogate, Jolyon Palmer. No shortage of words of affection, to Lotus: it Is sad to leave a team that becomes a family through the years. It’s going to be difficult to compete against these guys. This is the first time in my career that I have to change team in F1 and it’s going to be something new, but I’m eager to get to the next season. It will be very exciting with Haas F1″.

In the key of future, Romain Grosjean already has the batteries charged: There is a new chapter in my career with Haas F1 and I just want to start. It is very exciting because I think it’s going to be a great chapter in my life”. The French in addition is proud of his bet because: Is very, very good for F1 that there is an american team, because it will serve to win fans in America and also to learn a little bit more of his philosophy. I hope to be able to collaborate in the success of Haas F1 for the fans, americans can be increasingly”.