Ron Dennis can go back to… what Manor?

Ron Dennis

it Seems that in the Manor ahead big changes, in terms of sponsors and probably also in terms of pilots, as they still do not have confirmed to its two participants for the tournament of the next season of F1 2017. The team is evaluating several proposed purchase, has already been spoken even of Ricardo Galael group junk food KFC as the purchaser and main sponsor.

But there are even more. It turns out that now there are also rumours linking Ron Dennis with the team Manor. It turns out that the shareholders of McLaren threw him out the back door to the great Ron as not deserved for the accomplishments he has brought to the team of Woking. Without a doubt, a bad bounce of the F1 that deserved to be different. Although, as I say, it may not be a goodbye but simply a see you later…

And everything that comes by the group of chinese investors that Ron Dennis wanted to bring to McLaren to purchase part of the powered and he can continue being part of the team, but that the rest of the shareholders did not see right and that’s why they forced the march of the british. It seems that this group shareholder chinese are still interested in entering the business of F1, and Dennis is now their “representative” that you can meet your goal.

, so now must decide between the purchase of the KFC with Ricardo Gelael to the front or if the team of the Manor is acquired by the investment group in chinese the hand of Ron Dennis. An economic war that will be a winner and a loser, if you win Rum so we can see again in F1. We have already seen how the Manor has remained with large were of Ferrari and other teams. What would have to analyze is why the chinese investors were rejected in McLaren and their intentions…