Ron Dennis is opposed to the agreement, Red Bull – Honda


The ‘silly season’ of F1 of face-to-2016 speaks in the key of engines. With the grill of pilots, in large part, defined the future of Renault, Lotus, Red Bull and Toro Rosso is in the air. While Lotus is eager to confirm the purchase of Renault and the incorporation of their power units Red Bull and Toro Rosso are still looking for a propeller, eager in their turn to break the relationship with Renault. The latest protagonist in this story is Honda, manufacturer with the representatives of the signing of the austrian have been negotiating.

According to Bernie Ecclestone, Honda has an agreement with the FIA in that you specify which could supply engines to a second team in 2016, being an indispensable condition for their return to the World of F1. In fact, Ecclestone was unequivocal in Austin: it Seems that Honda are happy to take the engine to Red Bull and mr. Ron Dennis believes that they should not do so. Honda has an agreement with me and the FIA that allows them to supply engines to one team in its first season, two teams in the second year and three in the third”.


however, the figure of Ron Dennis was not slow to arise. The
responsible for McLaren is fighting for the interests of the formation of Woking and considers that
McLaren deserve a preferential treatment by Honda, something that agreed with the
japanese manufacturer as the main equipment and main driver of the
return of Honda to the World. Dennis understands that an alliance of Red Bull –
Honda is not a good news for McLaren
because the austrian team
it could be a direct rival in the coming seasons. A feeling
that is still more profound if Honda supply of Red Bull to identical
material that the team from Woking.

In this aspect,
Ecclestone says: “Honda is committed to Rum to would have a
veto on any engine
, but Dennis does not want Red Bull, feels that
could be rival”
. However, the future of Red Bull to the level of
thrusters is still an open question, in spite of the meetings between
Honda and the team of Dieter Mateschitz in the united States, as confirmed by
Bernie: I don’t know if this veto will be sustained. Red Bull could take the
engine Honda if Honda agree, but they are not going to do to avoid having
a discussion with Ron Dennis, because but this I will demand”.