Ron Dennis sees Sauber as the second Honda

Ron DennisRon Dennies has confessed this week have banned a Honda as a supplier of engines to Red Bull, the team will honer it could have taken advantage of a better engine at the expense of the suffering of McLaren this year and Dennis was not willing to this, and even worse, if they build a better chassis, the team McLaren would be exceeded by the energy drinks when they use the same engine.

Mercedes and Ferrari have done the same for fear to be overcome, no one wanted to give weapons to Red Bull as a strong threat. Now Ron Dennis has wanted to point out to Sauber as a possible candidate to be motorizdo by Honda in the future and to leave Ferrari this way, Honda would have a B team that would not be a threat to McLaren and that could help in the development of the engine by having 4 cars on track.

Sauber calle boxes Abu DabiMonisha Kaltenborn, the head of the team from Hinwil has recognized that are open to being powered by other providers. In addition, Honda is forced to drive to another computer due to the pressures of Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone. Committed to motorizing a team in its first year, two in their second year and 3 to 2017. This is not meeting face-to-2016 and should put a solution.

In 2016 are not going to comply, but in 2017 should do it and motorize it at least to another computer. As has been recognized by Dennis, Sauber perhaps some day to be the best candidate to be powered by Honda. Monisha also ensures that, despite its long-standing relationship with Ferrari, they’re tied, but they want to keep all options open. That is why he talked a lot about the engine during the meeting with the bikers.