Ron Dennis: “we Worked day and night to change things”


Photo: McLaren

In the McLaren did not deny that 2015 has been a year to forget. However, the vision they have of the next year is very positive, perhaps by that which at worse can not go. The messages that come from Woking are encouraging for their fans, which, however, cannot avoid a certain mistrust for what has happened in the last championship. Ron Dennis, president of the team, confesses that know their problems, and that they are trying to solve them without respite so that they never recur: “we Know what we need to do to change things, and, as I speak, we are working day and night to do just that. Let’s put it this way: if you’re going to visit the Technology Center of McLaren in Woking, one Saturday or Sunday this winter, you won’t find many parking spaces free”.

The british insisted that the car was not bad, and clings to the numbers of paths slow, where the motor is not so important, to defend their position. In addition, praises Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, and remember that it rarely works the first a new partnership: “Our chassis is very good today. Our lineup of riders is the best in the sport (the statistics testify to this). Our relationship with Honda is the new (or newly renewed, to be exact) and it is not at all surprising that it requires a little time. So is the Formula 1 and has always been”. After the first season, comes the moment of truth for the historic team.

Ron Dennis puts like example that you are on the right track the performance of Fernando Alonso in the last race in Abu Dhabi, where lack of five turns changed the configuration of his car to discover his maximum potential: “The results were very encouraging. He managed his fastest lap on lap 52 of the 55 of the race, with a time of 1:44.796. Only two drivers improved on that time during the whole afternoon, Hamilton with the Mercedes and Vettel with the Ferrari. So, if you’re as good as your last race, as the saying goes, all I can say is that we’re not so bad”. we will See in the pre-season and in Australia.