Ronax 500: an expensive Moto GP Street, created in the old way

Some time ago we told you about the Honda RC213V -S street, practically a enrollable Moto GP, created an unhealthy attention to detail. However, a criticism of the same aspect was that it had no valves or pneumatic brake Moto GP carbon racing. The Ronax 500 that we present today comes from Germany, and is also a Moto GP Street, but created in the 90s thinking A motorcycle with two-stroke engine and 160 horsepower . A machine that Mike Doohan would be proud.

What if I say that has four escapes and 320 hp / liter espcífica power?

The construction of the 500 is Ronax identical to the old Moto GP . An aluminum chassis welded by hand is the heart of the bike, with an impressive V4 engine acting in self-supporting element. The four-cylinder engine in V uses fuel injection and modern electronics, but its operation is two times. It is an explosive, sharp, very angry motor. It develops from a pint of the tremendous engine power of 160 hp at 11,500 rpm. speak of 320 hp / liter specific power .

ronax-500-moto-gp-calle-2 With this data the body is already shaking us. Moreover when we heard roaring beast with four tailpipes just smoking oil burned. Two queues are mounted under the tail, the other two on the right side of the bike. The fairing of the bike mimics perfectly the GP500 90s , with many right angles and front fairing a simple, but very effective. Of course, the full fairing is constructed of carbon fiber, with the most modern techniques of the moment.

It is manufactured by hand in Dresden, and prices start at 100,000 euros.

A Optics LED hides in the air intake ram-air type engine in central position. Recall that a enrollable for use in road bike, but the most experienced pilots prefer to give a more intense use in circuit. That is where this bike circuit allows us to emulate Doohan or Crivillé with unladen weight of only 145 kg that gives an absolutely maddening performance. The Honda RC213V -S-load weighs 170 kg in its standard version. The equipped with circuit package weighs 160 kilos empty.

ronax-500-moto-gp-calle-4 Unoss Brembo Monoblock with 320 mm discs act as the primary means of stopping this dark beast, while a front fork Öhlins USD and Öhlins rear shock TTX puts the icing a premier cycle part. From construction craft not piloting electronic aids are mentioned, so it is not far from a machine suitable for all audiences. Only wealthy pilots can afford its price, which starts at nothing less than 100,000 euros .

Please see it and hear it in action.

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