Rosberg admits that if he had lost the title, I would have followed in 2017


Nico Rosberg has grabbed all the attention in the world of Formula 1 with the announcement on Friday in which it stated that it was withdrawing from the competition.

That same night, the German received at the annual gala of the FIA, the trophy that credits him as Champion of the World of 2016 and, in his speech, he admitted that not winning the title would have meant to continue to compete in 2017. “I Never give up, so I have finished second, sure that he would have tried again the next year. When I won what I knew, but I didn’t know if I would have the courage to do so. But I’m here now and I am very happy”.

Rosberg has been given as the major causes of your withdrawal that your family has made many sacrifices and now you want to reward them. “When I was six years old and I started to run, the dream was very clear: to be a champion of Formula 1. That is what I have pursued all this time. I have fulfilled the mission, is already done. Dream fulfilled. Now, go on to other things, family first. We will see what awaits us in the future”. In addition, the pressure and effort has been required to compete with Lewis Hamilton is something that the German is not ready to face again. “The last four races were indescribable, because I was the one who could lose the championship. The last race is the hardest thing I have ever done mentally, except for seeing my wife give birth to our daughter. That was another level. that’s why it was more special to see the checkered flag and win the title. And I have a great respect for Lewis, because he has been a competitor amazing all these years to a level great. It is one of the best drivers and that makes it more special that it has been able to remove”.

Now Mercedes, that had a contract with Nico Rosberg for two more seasons, you must find a substitute to the current champion. Pascal Wehrlein, a pilot test of the team, and this year has been transferred to Manor, is the most obvious, but the German brand has been recognized that you should take time to assess the situation.