Rosberg conquest of Brazil and the runner-up position


Nico Rosberg was the Grand Prix of Brazil with authority and, incidentally, the runner-up position in the world, to win the race ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. The German Mercedes endured the onslaught of his companion, who was only ahead in the moments of the pit. The superiority of the Mercedes was such that of the fifth-to-back, all were bent.

Hamilton and Rosberg maintained a career of persecution constant. The German led the singing voice, with the british behind with serious problems to follow him. In fact, he did not hesitate to complain bitterly that it was impossible to follow him without being able to pass, given that I lost all the aerodynamic support. For this reason, he began to ask to modify the strategy to half of the race, but he was warned that he would hurt in the fight with the third, Vettel.

Carlos Sainz had problems already before you start. Came out from the pit lane after missing his car stopped at the pit lane exit, so it had to be towed by a car of the organization. The electrical problems that we pursued throughout the weekend were also reproduced on the Sunday, and even completed a lap. Its engine broke down before reaching the half of the first lap, and was forced to leave for the seventh time this season.

, Fernando Alonso finished in a poor 16th square, but having regard to the problems of reliability of the entire weekend, can be satisfied for having finished the race.

do The overtaking of the year?

With the race falling asleep, Max Verstappen was responsible for lifting everyone’s seat with a passing omnibus. The Dutch 18-year-old was fighting for the ninth position with Sergio Perez and, after testing it for a couple of laps, she got tired of waiting at the first corner: got on the outside of the S of Senna, traced by the only place possible, and, with a courage that is already a signature of the house, removed the stickers.

¡The manoeuvre! Verstappen vs Perez. #F1 #GPBrasil
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Right after, Pastor Maldonado demonstrated that it costs more to overtake cleanly, and to protect themselves from Marcus Ericsson gave a twist, causing a spin to the Swedish, for which he was punished with 5 seconds.

Alonso and Button, was angry with McLaren

Apart from that have a reason to get angry for their performance, both Fernando Alonso as Jenson Button were very critical with their respective engineers. On the one hand, the british abroncó by radio to the computer to give instructions while managing the curves. On the other, the Spanish complained that to leave him on the track too long to make their last stop, which made him lose more performance.

In any case, the result was the same. Button and Alonso had no options to enter in the points in no time and ended up far away from the desired positions, although in view of the poor reliability of McLaren can be satisfied with end. The fear on the computer of a new fault was such that, in the absence of a few laps, asked Alonso to please return the car home safe and sound. End result: 15 Button, 16 Alonso.

Hamilton surrenders

Hamilton tried until the last laps. The tension of the pilots was such that both he and Rosberg was asked to not talk on the radio, until with four laps the champion of the world surged and quit attacking, with what his partner was up to the final comfortably.

With this result, Mercedes will consume the full: Rosberg has been proclaimed runner-up of the world with his second consecutive victory in Brazil. In addition, with this their 13th victory, has become the second rider after Stirling Moss with more victories without having been proclaimed champion of the world, tied with David Coulthard.

times Table Race Grand Prix Brasil

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