Rosberg gives the keys that allowed him to beat Hamilton


The duel between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton exceeded the usual dispute between the two partners team who try to excel. And that both were the contenders to the title for three seasons in a row did not make but increase the intensity of such grief.

Nico Rosberg as he explained at the time of his withdrawal he strenuous than it had been for him and his family to get to a level enough to beat Lewis Hamilton. Now, in a statement to the Daily Mail, the German pilot has given more details on what qe enabled him to raise his level of performance.

Study Hamilton and change accordingly

“Lewis is very good driving to the limit without going off track. It is very clever and it is difficult to fight body to body with him. Is something natural in him. For me it should be something more rational. I have to think and work when I defend position. Yes, I became more aggressive on the track because I went over. I had to review the videos and improve“.

The talent, the self-esteem and work

talent is a slippery concept, which is linked to that of self-esteem. What is obvious -and I can say with certainty – is that to beat Lewis you must have talent. But with everything that encompasses this sport, there are more factors. I had to work out of the car. Optimic√© all, I made sure to give the track 100% of what we had each time we were up against”.

Changes in the physical preparation

“I Stopped biking in the summer to lose 1 kg of weight. In the next race -Suzuka-, I got the pole by a hundredth of a second. 1 kg means that you will lose three cents, and that was in pole position thanks to that loss muscle. And I won. These are the details that I noticed and that gave importance”.

The family contributes their little grain of sand

“Vivian (his wife) did it all. If our daughter needed something, Vivian was there. Never spent those difficult times with my daughter. Always worked to combat jet-lag, I was moving between time zones with hour and a half of separation. This meant that during the day could sleep, but the evening was unable to close the eyes. It was horrible. Alaia (his daughter) knew that it could not bother me. He learned from the first time that concept, and every time he entered the bedroom it was with a finger in the mouth and saying ‘shhh‘. Now I am also in the difficult times with my daughter, and that creates a special bond. She returns the love that you deposit in it. It is impressive how do you know that I suffer alongside it.”

is Now Nico Rosberg enjoys the family life and have freedom to organise your own diary, something that I longed for immensely. “The sacrifice that you have to do to win a F1 world is monstrous, in physical terms, and personal relationships. It is a sport most beautiful that I’ve enjoyed, but now that I have won -or better said-now that I’ve gotten to where I wanted to, I can say, thanks to all of you, but it is already. It was a golden opportunity to close my book of the F1. The life can be not only spinning from morning to night all year on a car I’m a man, not a hamster!”, said in remarks to La Repubblica.


Hamilton, the best friend that became the biggest rival

Lewis Hamilton was, for many years, not only his rival and partner in different teams, but also his best friend. Rosberg recalls that time with fondness and nostalgia. “we Were the best of friends, a history of film. I remember one time when we were on vacation in Greece. After dinner, looking out to sea said to me: ‘wouldn’t it be nice if one day you and I we find ourselves in McLaren fighting for the world?’ It was my dream, I thought that would be the most beautiful in the world. Then has actually happened and I will say that perhaps he is, although it has been resentful of the friendship. It is strange, the dreams that are true are never as you have imagined”, said Rosberg, no doubt referring to how it has changed the relationship between the two.

Finally, Rosberg acknowledges that, in regard to its surrogate, you would have loved that would have been Fernando Alonso, but he acknowledges that it was not the smartest thing for the team. “From the point of view of a passionate fan of Formula 1, could not have hoped for anything better. Alonso against Hamilton ten years later, it would be a unique spectacle. But I understand that Bottas makes more sense for Mercedes. What Vettel? His contract with Ferrari ends this year, for Mercedes it would be a sensible solution that will certainly contemplate‚ÄĚ.