Rosberg is imposed in an insipid career


Nico Rosberg won from start to finish the Grand Prix of Mexico, ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes enjoyed a career of more than placid, and very soon he escaped to the front of the peloton, doubling-up to a good part of the grill. The podium was completed a Valtteri Bottas who gave a lesson of management of tyres and was able to get the best out of himself, in spite of having an accident with your ‘enemy’ Kimi Räikkönen.

Sebastian Vettel he was very soon out of the options drawer. The German suffered a puncture by a touch with Daniil Kvyat in the first round, so had to go to the pits to change them. With this incident he was forced to comeback from behind, but when I was on it, and already back in the points, committed a serious error: a spinning top when I was trying to do fast lap sent him back to the bottom of the grill. It was not the last failure of the four-time champion in this race.

The race Fernando Alonso lasted less than a lap. The spaniard reported a total loss of power on the formation lap, and before the first turn of the circuit, it was back to the pits to abandon. He himself confessed that were on the verge of not making the output:

“On the formation lap because we were without power. There was a fault with the electric motor of yesterday, we realized this morning the last check-ups and not had time to fix it. We had to choose between not getting out to the track or a turn, and out of respect to the fans we have decided to come out. Has given Me time to gain four or five positions”

While Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were going to be ahead, for behind there was a lot more ‘tomato’. With Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo holding by the other place on the podium, Kimi Räikkönen and Valtteri Bottas relived his duel in Sochi, and this time, it was the Williams who took revenge. The Ferrari, something optimistic, tried to cross its path in a curve to the right, but eventually hit and with the rear suspension broken by the touch. There was No penalty.


It’s Raikkonen and Bottas again…

— Formula 1 (@F1) November 1, 2015

In terms of Carlos Sainz, his career was not especially moved, although he has the image of a big fight with Sergio Perez by the ninth and tenth place. However, its strategic focus was reasonably risky. On lap 44 of the 71 planned came into the pits to put the soft tyres with which to pull up to the end of the test, but the brake problems that has dragged throughout the weekend prevented him from fighting for higher positions and ended up 13th. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen was able to

Fight of tires on Mercedes and accident Vettel

Mercedes, Nico Rosberg tried to tie up the victory in the pits at the push of Lewis Hamilton. The world champion began to tighten, and the second in weapons and did not hesitate to enter to the pits, which provoked the immediate response of your partner of box despite the reluctance of Hamilton to re-enter. She was fitted with the medium tyres, despite the fact that the softs could have lasted the same and would have given him a slight advantage.

however, Sebastian Vettel led to the departure of the safety car and put spice to the race. The German crashed after committing the third serious mistake of the race and, in his own words, complete a “day of shit”, forcing it to do work Bernd Maylander. On the resumption, Valtteri Bottas won the third place Daniil Kvyat, and already did not let go until the final, while Hamilton started the harassment and demolition on Rosberg, but without success.

times Table Race Grand Prix México

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