Rosberg: “McLaren will improve a lot, Alonso can be on the podium”


The general opinion puts two teams above the rest this season: Mercedes and Red Bull have the highest rate of confidence among the fans and professionals of the Formula 1, but in terms of formations such as McLaren or Ferrari, things are not so clear.

In the case of the current champion and already ex-pilot Nico Rosberg, the situation is more or less expected by most, though with nuances. Nico believes that Mercedes will continue to dominate in a similar way as it has done in the last three years and does not rely too much on that Ferrari will plant face, although afraid of the alliance between Newey and the new regulation. “The dominance of Mercedes will be tyrannical. Today, they are superior to the rest and I don’t think that’s going to change. It is a great team, that works like a machine and everything is very well greased. (Bottas) is young and has a great talent, I’m not going to discover. Sure that will make a great paper. He and Lewis Hamilton are a couple of a lot of quality and it will be difficult that no one can be ahead. What Ferrari? Even they themselves. Maybe that will improve something but do not see them leading the championship. I think that the main danger right now, they will come from Red Bull, because the marriage between Adrian Newey and a new regulation has always worked extremely well during the last twenty years. There is that wait. We’ll know it soon”, said the German at a press conference offered to the media persons displaced to the prizes Laureus, of which it is a candidate for one of them.

Alonso, on the way to podium

while Rosberg keeps Mercedes and Red Bull remain at the top of the table, the German believes that McLaren will be a huge step forward that could allow Fernando Alonso to step on the podium for the first time since the Grand Prix of Hungary of 2014.

“Alonso may be in the positions front, or even on the podium

Nico believes that McLaren will be able to take advantage of any opportunity and that the change in regulation creates the ideal environment to do this. “This season, the Formula 1 part of zero thanks to the new regulation. That is why Alonso may be in the positions front, or even on the podium. Has a great quality, but will have to wait, because the same thing will happen with the pilots of other teams. For all opens a range of possibilities. I think that McLaren will dramatically improve your performance, but I don’t expect that to be passed to dominate the rankings. Yes, they have a new opportunity and confident that the will take advantage of”, concluded Nico Rosberg.