Rosberg puts the finishing touch to the season 2015


Nico Rosberg was the last victory of the season, after a race in which the German had to Lewis Hamilton always behind, despite the fact that the champion tried to take advantage with the strategy. The runner-up closed the best way possible to the season, with a victory and a new doublet for Mercedes, who had to Kimi Räikkönen completing the podium. For the Finnish was the third of the campaign.

For the Spanish, was a career in something gray. Carlos Sainz finished eleventh, after staying a very little of the tenth square of Daniil Kvyat, while Fernando Alonso, that he had an accident on the first lap and ‘threatened’ to quit if he failed to leave a safety car mid-race, was 17th, while Roberto Merhi closed the season (and perhaps his participation in Formula (1) in the last square.

in The ‘Maldonado’ Alonso de Maldonado

The last race of the season 2015 ended for Fernando Alonso with a penalty for an accident, something that has not happened hardly ever in his career. At the exit, the Spanish made contact with a Sauber at the end of the straight and, in an excess of confidence, it was long on the vertex, with the bad luck that Pastor Maldonado was there. The venezuelan added his ninth KO of the season (the pilot who most often has done so), and the Spanish was a prick, a wing touched and a penalty in the form of a drive through.

was Not the day of the McLaren, as is often the case, but in this case it was not the fault of the pilot of Woking. Jenson Button received a shock in the pit lane when I was coming to make his first pit stop, because in Williams determined to take the medal the biggest disaster in the pit lane of the season. Valtteri Bottas came out when it came to british McLaren is touched with the Button and broke its wing, whose horns are broke off in the tunnel. This ‘unsafe release’ of manual was punished with 5 seconds of penalty.

was Not the day of the Spanish. Carlos Sainz ordered him explicitly to leave forward by Max Verstappen, which however suffered much more than expected for a mistake of its own: you left a tire in a casting brake, and ended up also letting himself be passed by his teammate. The aggressiveness of the Dutch cost him an investigation, when it was on the outside of the track to prevent Jenson Button will advance.

Ferrari: team work

The mess of strategic Saturday that cost him a drop in Q1 Sebastian Vettel was compensated with a great decision for Sunday. The German was the rider who stretched the first stint of tires with the soft, which allowed him to roll in podium positions until the final stretch of the test.

This, coupled with a problem of Kimi Räikkönen pit, he made the happiness at Ferrari might not be full. The finn lost a lot of time in the pits when one of the tires got stuck. However, despite the problem, they asked Vettel to let pass now that your strategy, to contrapié, in theory, was not going to be enough to get to the podium. The German, however, made a career screamingly good: with ten laps ahead of Sergio Perez to consummate his fourth place finish.

Hamilton harasses Rosberg from the distance

In the final stretch of the race, everything pointed to Lewis Hamilton would dare to attack Nico Rosberg. Despite shooting for several laps at a pace of a second better per lap than his teammate, the reigning world champion eventually ran to more than five seconds and was unable to complete the epic comeback, until it was formed.

in The end, stability total: Nico Rosberg consummated their third consecutive win (the first time who achieves three in a row in Formula (1), 14th of his career. Hamilton accompanied him on the podium and added his sixth consecutive podium, while Räikkönen won the third of the season.

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