Ross Brawn admits that there is a way to get him back to F1


Ross Brawn is one of the few people that can say they have achieved everything in the Formula 1. The british engineer has achieved success in all possible ways and only a management role at the organisational level or the legislative is what remains for you to prove.

“Tratar help the F1 to be better would be attractive, the only thing that could be interesting”

And it is not something far-fetched, because the Brawn has acknowledged in statements to The Telegraph that contribute to the improvement of the sport itself motivates them, as was suggested a few months ago Christian Horner. ,“it Was good to hear that Christian (Horner), this is how I would like to get involved in the sport. Would never go back to a computer. I did everything that I could on a computer, would be to repeat myself. Sure that try to help the F1 to be better would be attractive. It would be the only thing that could be interesting”.

According to Brawn, the Formula 1 is devoid of a plan and, what is worse, the structure required to implement it. “If you asked me what F1 needs, it needs a plan. A three-year plan and five years. My point of view is that we do not have the ideal structure to create this plan and implement it over time”, ensures the engineer that worked for Williams, Lotus, Lola, Arrows, Benetton, Ferrari, Mercedes and, of course, your own computer: BrawnGP.

Brawn had their differences with Bernie Ecclestone over the years, but ensures that is now a thing of the past and that it was only a question of methods of work. “I don’t have problems with Bernie (Ecclestone). What we have today is primarily a creation of Bernie. Just ended up frustrated because my approach is methodical and structured, and the Bernie is chaotic and impulsive. If those two things join together, it would be interesting. Some times I find those idiosyncrasies, those approaches, fun”.

Nico Rosberg, a fighter mentally strong

In regard to the outcome of the championship this year, Ross Brawn admits that he would like Nico Rosberg won. The two worked together for three years at Mercedes and the british engineer has praised the mental strength of Rosberg having grown up as a rider, despite having been won by Lewis Hamilton for two years. “Is very resistant. Take a step back a little bit, talk to himself and becomes. Many pilots, having been pounded by Lewis (Hamilton) for a couple of years ago, they would have disappeared. In many ways, I would like to win the World Championship because he has done a fabulous job when you return after having been defeated”.