Ross Brawn, against the 'T-Wings' and shark fins


The first week of testing in Barcelona has served to
note that the new technical regulation that regulates the Formula 1 is a success.
The new cars are now more wide, fast, effective, and attractive
for the fans, though not everything is of the general taste. In this aspect, the
new Chief Sports of the Formula 1, Ross Brawn, has been recognized in
statements ‘Autosport’ the fins of a shark and the
‘T-Wings’ are the unintended consequences of the new regulations
. The own
Brawn is ready to address a discussion to end with these two
elements if possible.

general feelings around the new cars
are very positive
and the Ross Brawn believes that it has achieved the
expected performance of the new cars. However, Brawn believes that the
return of the shark fins and of the ‘wings in T’ is a much
unfortunate: “We have new cars and new rules, now we only have
to see how they work and what effect they have. Like race cars, they look more
, I think that the proportions of the car are better. In addition, they are much
faster. Have a performance quite impressive. all in all, the new
regulations also bring small setbacks

We have the unpopular shark fins hanging in
the sword
. With time, I believe that this is a topic that we need to address”

says Ross Brawn, before adding: “Part of the goal of the new
regulation was to make cars more exciting, so that we don’t want to spoil
this objectives with peripheral elements that remove spectacular.
‘T-Wings’ are also the consequence of the new regulations
, but it is not something
sought. In the end, the unintended consequences, with the time, there is that
eliminate them and to get the cars to look a little more puros“.


In line with this, Ross Brawn has also been identified by other
elements to be analyzed closely: “We have to see, once the
season begins, the performance of the tyres and the rules that we have
so that the pilots can compete against each other. It is something important and
once an open spot. From the perspective of the car, the stability is
important, so that there will be major changes. All in all, we have that
check the issue of overtaking in the races
and how the cars
you can follow and overcome to another. I would prefer to be achieved through a process
normal, instead of resorting to something like the DRS“.

The DRS was a solution to a problem that we had in
the past
, but I’d like to see if there is a better long-term solution to the
design of the car. In the future I would like to see that we have ensured
meet the clearly defined objectives. To make a change in the
regulation there is to have a goal
and be sure that the process will
to achieve a series of guidelines. Within the FOM we’re going to have our own
ability to judge these things
with a specialized group of engineers that
it will help to ensure the goals and have a better process after the changes
concluded Brawn.