Ross Brawn calls for “a plan” for the Formula 1 and engines more viable


it is now more than three years that Ross Brawn left the Formula 1, but his figure still having a capital importance in the category, and there are many who ask for his return in a role much more relevant than the technical director, a position that he held with great success at Benetton, Ferrari and his own team Brawn GP, as well as at Honda and Mercedes.

Brawn left the German team before its explosion as a dominant force in the paddock, and before the regulatory change 2014 who introduced the hybrid engines V6 turbo. This same year, the Formula 1 is facing a major new change in the regulations focused on the aerodynamics and the overall performance of the cars, seeking to counteract part of the effects that the changes of 2008 and 2014 have had on a visual level and competitive.

To little more than a month for the new cars going to the track, Brawn has been argued that the changes made in recent years do not appear to respond to a certain idea of the direction that you should follow the sport: Formula 1 needs to have a plan, and one of the most frustrating things, for me, is that there seems to have been a plan. Everything has been reactive. I think it would be good for the Formula 1 were to try to formulate a strategy and a plan on where you want to be within three or five years.

In particular, it has been pointed out your example of what could be planned for the future to the perceived need of the teams in the championship use a type of engine with a performance similar to that of the current, but much more expensive and less complex, to ease the life of the equipment with the least resources of the grill:

“The engine that exists now is incredible, but it is quite expensive and is complicated by the small teams. Can we get a technical challenge equally incredible, but more feasible for small teams? they Are the kind of things, and I think that if you set those goals now, not what you will do next year, but will be successful in three or five years”.

From time to time, the possibility that Brawn is to become “the new Bernie Ecclestone has emerged with force, even more so after news of its collaboration with the new owners of the category, the consortium Liberty Media, in what he calls “a small advice”.

Brawn, who has denied this possibility on several occasions, has opined that his vision of how it should be, the sport may not be appropriate for your training: “I Think that Bernie cares about the sport, and also obviously has the business requirements in mind. Want to maximize the return (economic) for the teams and shareholders, but it is not his style. My style may be too opposite, maybe I’m too structured, too pedantic, and too pragmatic as an engineer, and perhaps my approach is not correct”.

Also, has commented that “I have not spoken with (Ecclestone) ever since I left the sport, but I have told him many times which was my posture. We had an understanding, and you may have pissed off sometimes because I keep my opinions and not everybody was doing it. I think that there have been times where I have irritated”.