Ross Brawn: “it Would be disastrous for Vettel criticase to Ferrari”


In an interview granted to Sky Sports F1 during the past Festival of Speed Goodwood, Ross Brawn, former chef at Ferrari and Mercedes, has weighed in on the current situation of the Scuderia, which is still suffering the effects of a drought of titles that is close to reaching the decade.

The Italian team, not to the conquest of the drivers ‘ championship since Kimi Räikkönen the way in 2007, and 2008 was the last season in which they did with the scepter of builders. Since then, the squalls dominating back-to-back Red Bull and Mercedes have kept the team led by Maurizio Arrivabene the margin of success.

The arrival of James Allison as head of the technical department provided encouragement essential for raising the level after the slump in 2014, but the overriding objective, to unseat Mercedes from the highest place of the podium, it has been resisted again and again. This year, the team maintains a zero his locker of victories despite his numerous podiums, and Red Bull has regained much of its lost ground with respect to them.

this has led to the press, especially the Italian, to consider a situation of crisis in the even Allison, who a few months ago, he disappeared temporarily from their jobs by the death of his wife, would be thinking to leave the ship. Before the recent rumors that point to Brawn as a shock to the situation of the team, the technical director, now retired, think that Allison is the right person for the job, if Ferrari gives him the means to do so:

“they Have very good people, James Allison is excellent. If you are given the resources and the time, and surrounding infrastructure, with great drivers, results. But they should not sobrereaccionar, and may not be reactive to what people say, the media. it Is very easy to settle the whole system, and then it starts to be reactive rather than planned and organised properly”

The theory of Brawn is clear: for the computer to work, you must assume a line of work without deadlines or pressure, to keep out of the press, and an example of the best period of the team the past decade, in which the trio formed by himself, Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt, sheltered under the shade of the former president of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, work-based focus.

Need a calm approach. It is important that Ferrari respects still do, but they do so progressively and with peace of mind. I Think that was a great success in our time, Jean Todt and Luca di Montezemolo had everything under control and allowed us to work in the aspect of engineering and competition. So I think that is quiet focus, with the necessary planning and resources”.

Similarly, another of the foci of attention in the last few weeks is Sebastian Vettel. The German pilot occupies the fifth position in the drivers championship, second in points not only for its recently renovated-mate Räikkönen, if not also by Daniel Ricciardo, and with Max Verstappen a stone’s throw away.

Some in the media have begun to speculate about a deterioration in the relationship between driver and team, but Vettel has remained correct and in a tone that is motivating to face the team of the public. This approach brings Brawn memories of the way we act and speak face the team who had Schumacher.

it Would be disastrous, that Seb began to criticize the team externally. I am sure that, if it seems to be something to Michael, it is very strong at the domestic level. Is defending the team, not being openly critical, it is not giving things finished, so I think that you are taking the right approach”.