Ross Brawn: “The DRS is artificial, we need solutions more pure”


Ross Brawn has come to the building. The famed british engineer returns to Formula 1 after a period of retreat in a role far more substantial than any thing that has been able to do previously. No longer be the chief technical officer, or team leader, if you don’t your competition will be all the sporty look of the Formula 1, in quality of Managing Director. Much is expected, therefore, of the ideas, proposals and measures taken to improve the spectacle and competition of the sport, and Brawn has made clear from the beginning what lines to take.

In statements to Gazzetta dello Sport, Brawn acknowledges that the key to improving the show resides in a competition more healthy and matched, and that steps should be taken to ensure that aspect, but makes it clear that there will be radical changes all of a sudden, if not that they will be introduced gradually and with the consensus of all.

“there Will be changes, of course. With Carey as president and chief executive officer, me on the sporty side and Sean Bratches in the marketing and the media, the decisions will be more cohesive. And then, engage the FIA, the teams and organizers. In recent years, I’ve seen that Formula 1 does not respond (to change). Continuity is important for everyone, but we must take care to preserve the essence of the Great Prizes. For my part, after a period of study, we must think of a plan to three or five years, and to introduce innovations gradually. Current quickly could be counterproductive.”

In the past, Brawn has been a detractor declared using shortcuts, tricks, or measures, improvised and too new looking for the show at all costs, what is known in English as ‘gimmicks’. In the last decade, the adoption of the device DRS to overtake and the double points in the last appointment of 2014 have generated numerous criticisms in certain sectors of the fans and the sport to be elements that affect the development of the racing too artificial.

Brawn advocates a solution that is more simple and fair to encourage and maintain a good number of overtaking, and even claims that some of the changes to sporting and technical could be introduced even next year commented to Gazzetta and BBC.

“I agree on the need to ensure that there is more competition. To do so, you must be patient, you can’t improve everything. Change from white to black it would be a mistake, this is a sport complex, but we must avoid falling into the temptation to create a spectacle artificially, as it has happened in the last few years: we all know that DRS is artificial. We have to find solutions that are more pure (…). I have ideas, although I can’t share them all because I want to do with computers first, of things that we should start to study, and use them perhaps in 2018 or 2019″.