Ross Brawn wants a Formula 1 video game


Liberty Media is working tirelessly in the Formula 1 of the future that, for good or for evil, intended to be radically different to the current one. Not only to level the financial, commercial and audiovisual, but also sport and, even, aesthetic.

this has been confirmed by Ross Brawn, director of sports category and that has a group of designers and engineers working on the new concept car of the future. “a long time Ago that we have designers working on the aesthetics of the car, is something really important. I think we have done a good job of integrating the Halo, because it seems like a added to the car, which is really what it is”, said in a statement to Sky Sports.

And is that the cars of today in the Formula 1 are aggressive and eye-catching, but they are not following a trend futuristic than other categories such as IndyCar or Formula E have already begun to explore. Ross Brawn knows this and is already working, not only in cars that allow for more spectacle on the track, but also that they are more colorful. “It’s obvious, but when you talk to fans, they say that the cars have to look fantastic. Almost look like derivatives of video games, evolving from a mode in which these are inspired by the Formula 1 and not the other way around”.


McLaren has also fantasized with the Formula 1 of the future.

Several brands have emerged in recent years, their own interpretations of what should be the Formula 1 of the future, with their own designs of the videjuegos that nothing like the current. Ross Brawn wants to get to that point in the future, as Liberty Media considers it essential for the commercial success of the Formula 1. “His appearance will be sensational, we’re going to have cars really eye-catching in the future, is something to which we attach great importance”.