Rossi: “Marquez was the bodyguard, Lorenzo must not be happy”


Photo: Yamaha

Starting from the last position, Valentino Rossi did all that was in his hand. Took advantage of some ‘charitable patriot’, his talent and the potential of the Yamaha while the tires are operated at full performance to place fourth, behind his team-mate (and rival), and the Honda. To more than ten seconds and the head only remained to wait for help in the form of overtaking-by part of Marc Marquez or Dani Pedrosa Lorenzo, or a possible touch that will leave any one out of the race. Neither of these two things happened, and the only attack that was among the first three was the Pedrosa Marquez for second place. It led to the ironic commentary of the Italian to finish the race: “Amazing work with the Honda, eh??”.

After the irony, direct criticism: “I Knew that it would be as well”. ‘The doctor‘ discussed his season, which is considered to be very positive until the last three races: “I Did a great championship until Motegi. In normal conditions was 18 points ahead and with many options to win. But since Australia was something rare. Marquez became the bodyguard for Lorenzo, something that has not ever happened in this sport, it was a final embarrassing. The good thing is that at least people have seen in Valencia what the plan was with Marc. Rossi believes Marquez is not yet aware: “I Guess in the next few months you will understand what he has done, an ugly end of the World, a disappointment in the pista”.

After seeing the checkered flag, Valentino stopped next to the champion of 2015 and congratulated him with several tokens of affection. However, before the microphones, although he did not remove merit to the other Yamaha rider, yes stated that it is not a championship worthy of much celebration on the part of Lorenzo: “Clear that Jorge deserves the world, but it is not a true title, because it has happened a thing which had never happened in this sport, and you can’t be happy”. At a press conference, in the words collected by Sportyou, it was harder still: “Has been like a match fixing in football, but at a low level. I did not know that it was a championship of nations. It is a pilot who decides not to win, but to annoy the other. We were always proud because we are not like football or Formula 1, here the team-mates left everything to win, today”. Finally, she closed her words to Marquez with a lapidary phrase: “Someone who lies every time he speaks he is playing balls to the aficiĆ³n”

In any case, the title now rests in the box to Lorenzo, who comes to the five global, three of them in the highest category. Rossi remains with nine in total (seven in 500 CC / MotoGP).