Rough pre-season for Volkswagen Motorsport


Volkswagen Motorsport has lived peaceful days along
. Champions of pilots, co-pilots and builders, the firm has
witnessed the transfer market the WRC with the peace of mind of having a
triple collateral formed by S├ębastien Ogier, Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas
Mikkelsen, though the latter has Anders Jaeger as a new co-pilot. A
relaxation derived in to have the vehicle stronger that has allowed the
firm focus the first efforts of the pre-season to test the
Polo R WRC in 2017 in Sweden
. Precisely there and about your snow, now
work Hyundai Motorsport and Skoda.

With only five drop-outs throughout the season 2015 WRC, it seems that bad luck has concentrated on the pre-test to the Monte carlo Rally, . And is that the three Volkswagen drivers have experienced problems of any kind during the test made this last week, finishing almost all two days of tests in a hasty way. Without a doubt, the most curious has starred in the third pilot of the mark. According to ‘Autosport’, Andreas Mikkelsen completed with his Polo R WRC on the roof of a house. Luckily, the mishap was closed without consequences.

S├ębastien Ogier suffered engine problem during his second day of testing, so that the French could not rush all the time test provided by the team, a situation that was repeated with the other pilot of the team. Jari-Matti Latvala dragged electronic problems in the Polo R WRC during one of their test days and also suffered a small accident. Latvala damaged the front of the Polo R WRC (photo) after suffering a collision with a stone to dodge a cat that was on the test track. The kitten did not spend a of their lives and Volkswagen purged a good dose of misfortune.