Rowen RX 450h for if factory, you seemed a little bland…

Rowen, the critically acclaimed, recognized, and provocative coach in japanese, shows us his latest bet by the SUV. This time, it is the Lexus RX 450h, encompassed within what the trainer called SV premium edition; that is given a twist to its already futuristic design. To do this, we add a preparation of the most extravagant.

Some models of Rowen, have been more contentious; or at least, do not leave us indifferent. Among them we can remember the Ferrari 488GTB, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700 or the preparation carried out for the BMW M4. Normally, these preparations consist of Kits, exterior, exhaust, and LED lights along with accessories…

Probably, some of you are thinking of acquiring a luxury SUV. At present, the design is paramount when selling a car is that, we already have more than known that, persuaded by what enters the eyes is the best way to sell. Well; if you are one of those that you do not conformáis with the original version… you’re in luck!

in order To implement this kit, they have previously performed studies with the Lexus RX200t. For the RX450h, in addition to the exterior modifications, waiting for the arrival of an exhaust built entirely of titanium, along with a trim new for fog lamp rear, which will come located in central provision.

Within the amendment include changes in the original parts installed new optical groups to which they added 8 LED lights day in the front skirt. In general, the changes consist in an eye-catching front apron; the same with the rear apron, which “embeds” the quad-outlet exhaust; all in harmony with the rear diffuser.

In the side, a few suggestive sideskirts approaching the body to the asphalt. Without a doubt, in this case, the icing on the cake are stunning wheels redesigned 22″ with tires in size 265/35 R22. As for the interior, there is no improvement. Now we have the question of whether such an arsenal of changes, actually provides a better effectiveness in driving…

Source – Rowen.

Lexus RX
From 69,600 persons euro