Royal Blood 8 engine exotic supercar sharing with conventional cars

Although many supercars we worship like gods were addressed, we sometimes forget that these dream machines often have humble origins . I speak of their engines. Did you know that the Lotus Evora uses out of a Toyota Camry engine vulgar? Because they not always have royal blood running through his veins. We have collected a selection – not exhaustive – of eight vehicles, eight exotic supercars sharing conventional motor cars . I’m sure you want to know what they are.

1) Volvo XC90 / S80 – Noble M600

standard, the 4.4 V8 from Volvo XC90 and S80 developed 315 hp.

Volvo XC90 and S80 were for years available at a 4.4 naturally aspirated V8 developed by Yamaha . The British supercar builder of Noble decided to use this elastic eight cylinders for bestial M600 . Along the way, he added two turbochargers and internal components strengthened, reaching a bestial maximum power of 650 hp , more than double the specification of Volvo. A real monster without electronic driving that is capable of reaching a top speed of 362 km / h aid.

xc90-v8 noble-m600

2) Mercedes S600 – Pagani Zonda

recently made Zonda equipped a 7.3 V12 prepared by AMG from the original engine.

The Mercedes S600 was launched in the early 90s with a new V12 atmospheric 6 liters, the first twelve-cylinder Mercedes in decades. A silky propeller with a huge margin of empowerment, which was used as the basis of first Pagani Zonda – called C12 – released to the market in 1999. The engine was not powered, retaining their 394 hp as standard. The following Zonda received prepared by AMG version of this engine, whose displacement increased to 7 liters, and power to 550 hp.

coches-sangre-real-7 coches-sangre-real-8

3) Toyota Camry – Lotus Evora

The Toyota base is fortunate to Lotus, is affordable, simple and so far very reliable.

Lotus has never had its own engines in modern sports, using engines manufactured by OEMs, tweaked and tuned in Hethel. The Lotus Evora has followed suit with a 3.5 V6 under the hood of Toyota origin. The same 3.5 V6 – Internal Code 2GR-FE – that develops 268 hp in the Toyota Camry top model, transport appliances excellence. The basic version develops 280 hp, while the Supercharged Evora has an output of 350 hp. The top end of the range is the 400 Evora, with identical power.

coches-sangre-real-12 coches-sangre-real-13

4) Ford Mondeo V6 – Noble M400 / Aston Martin DB9

The three-liter Duratec V6 has been used in countless boring SUVs and sedans.

The 3.0 Ford Duratec V6 engine is a little over 200 hp that has been used in many high performance applications. First, he finished under the hood of Noble M400 , after installation of two turbochargers that raised its power to 450 hp. He has also been the basis for the 6.0 V12 Aston Martin has over 15 years using: simply two V6 blocks of three liters merged to create a V12 six liters. The merger is stamped with Cosworth, who tuned the bright V12 .

coches-sangre-real-1 coches-sangre-real-4

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5) BMW 750i – McLaren F1

Actually, the S70 / 2 is more similar to S70B56 of BMW 850 C Yes, 5.6 V12 with 360 hp power.

I confess that this couple is a little catch with pins. But it really was BMW who developed the fantastic 6.1 V12 S70 / 2, on the basis of 5.0 V12 M70B50 300 hp that The BMW 750i debuted late bestial propeller 70. McLaren has more than one additional liter of power, completely new cylinder heads, a modified block trains and superior high performance with developing nothing less 627 hp. But the 750i can say that a small part of it is the best supercar of the 90 .

coches-sangre-real-3 coches-iconos-años-90-4

6) Honda Civic Type R – Ariel Atom

The most powerful version of the 2.4 Ariel Atom V8 uses a racing engine with 500 horsepower.

The Ariel Atom is one of the cars with better power to weight ratio in the world in his V8 version, but was born with a Honda 2.0 K20Z4 engine with variable valve timing VTEC to the rear of the chassis. The Ariel Atom bestial used an atmospheric version of two liters of Honda, powered to 245 hp. The madness came when Ariel Honda engine supercharged by a compressor up to 310 hp. With such mechanical configuration was able to do the 0-160 km / h – and back to stop – in just 10.88 seconds. Not bad.

coches-sangre-real-5 coches-sangre-real-9

7) Ford Mustang – Koenigsegg CC / CC8S

The basic design of block V8 is still used today by Koenigsegg in their supercars.

The Ford Mustang Cobra was not a conventional car when it was launched in the mid-90s His Modular V8 4.6 engine with four valves per cylinder . The aluminum block was capable of producing 305 hp in the Mustang Cobra, and was the basis used by Koenigsegg to their CC and CC8S , the first supercar launched by the Swedish brand. Chrstian von Koenigsegg decided to supercharge the American V8 compressor , bringing its power to 655 hp, prior reinforcement of multiple internal components.

coches-sangre-real-6 coches-sangre-real-14

8) Audi S4 – Spyker C8

The Dutch brand even presented a prototype equipped with a 6.0 W12 500 hp.

The Dutch brand of supercars Spyker is no longer among us. This brand has disappeared, resulting from the global crisis and its failed attempt to gain control of Saab in bankruptcy proceedings after its abandonment by General Motors attempt. Before all this drama, launched its spectacular Spyker C8 in 2000 . An exclusive supercar, where a refined design and aeronautical inspiration were the main peak. The brand used during its existence the Audi S4 4.2 V8, boosted to 400 hp.

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