RS and the Renault Sandero priceless in Brazil


RS Sandero prices today were announced today by Renault in Brazil, where it will cost more than the actual 6,500 Sandero Stepway. 2.0 engine has 150 hp


Renault-Sandero-RS R enault announced today in Brazil the beginning of the marketing new Sandero RS, which will hit dealerships Brazilian brand during the first half of next month. It is the variant of sports characteristics hatchback, a model that debuted to the public in the past Motor Buenos Aires, which under its hood hides a engine with 150 hp .

In Brazil cost little more than the Stepway version.

Powered by division Renault Sport in France, not only is it distinguished by their distinct aesthetic, but also by winning a series of mechanical improvements. The engine choice is the 2.0 liter 16v using the Duster, but with a performance of 150 horsepower, which allows accelerate from 0-100 kph in 8.5 seconds and achieve a maximum of 200 km / h.

With steering, suspension and upgraded brakes, the Sandero RS will also offer com electronic stability control (ESP) that can modify their behavior through the system called RS Drive, which allows , to select between the modes Normal, Sport and Race .

In Brazil, the Renault Sandero RS will be offered with a starting price of R $ 58,800 , that is about 6,500 reais more than the Sandero Stepway, which until now was version most expensive model in Brazil and mean little more than 15 billion euros at current rates.



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