RTVE will bring us to the Formula 1 free 2016

salida-malasia-f1-2015Well, first, make it clear that unfortunately, the situation has not changed with regard to the broadcasting rights of F1 for 2016, they are still exclusivity of Movistar and tap to pay if you want to keep seeing it. However, to say that we could have good news soon, and although it is not the relay entirely and live, but yes that can be a great alternative for those who do not want to pay, can not, or do not even have the opportunity to sign up for the service…

But we have known some details that may interest us very much, one is that TVE broadcasted live and open the GP of Spain, since the career of Barcelona raises a very interest and also agreed to power output. Same is the case with TV3, the chain Catalan may also issue this GP for all concerned. Both the national and the Catalan have worked for these ea possible and to be able to count some day with a wide audience.

Alonso en el McLaren MP4-30 GP España 2015But this is not all, and I was assailed by a doubt, the news that I’m now going to give, not sure if it has something to do with the other news that we gave on this blog, or have simply been welcomed to another base to make it possible to leave a small hole open for hope. And that is that there are laws to prevent certain monopolizaciones, but CNMC investigated the case and seems not to have been able to do too much against Telefónica/Movistar to take away the exclusivity of the absolute F1 and other sports that provide their pay channels.