Rubén Gracia: “don’t run this next Dakar”


Ruben Grace has made history in the CERTT after leaving
champion for the third time in a row
of the contest. The Mitsubishi driver, who
finished second in the Rally TT Basin to be done with this title, attended is the end of the rally
. Still without giving credit to its triumph
after inaugurating a new Mitsubishi, Ruben has been reviewed as has been his triumph,
the possibilities of the new car and the projects you have in mind face to the
next year. Unfortunately, and the result of the youth of your new vehicle, Reuben Grace
will not compete in the next Dakar
. what Feelings after the Rally TT Basin?

Rubén Gracia: “The truth is that we are very happy. Before the last stretch of 100 kilometres we lost 4 minutes with Fortuny and 3:30 with Lascorz. We had to win both in this section and not had to go to fund. In some points we may have risked too much, but there was another. At mile 40 we caught Lascorz and since then we pulled up to target to fund to try to recover time and it has come out well“.

M: Premiere of the new car.

RG: “I was Not expecting this result because estrenábamos new car, a Mitsubishi very evolved. A new car like this can always cause problems in the adaptation period, but the truth is that as always the Mitsubishi work. We are very happy and we have not yet assimilated the fact of getting three titles in a row from the CERTT. In addition, what we have achieved in the absence of 30 kilometers and with the handicap it has a very large participation of Nani Roma, who blocked the points of the first clasificado”.


M: you Already have your third title in the Spanish Championship of All-Terrain Rally.

RG: “We had two seconds, both yesterday and today and that has given us advantage to get our third title, third title next to Mitsubishi. We are very pleased to be able to enter in the history of the event after being the first rider to win three championships in a row. We are very happy for our sponsors, in particular by Mitsubishi. I hope that we wait for a great future and hopefully we will be able to demonstrate outside of Spain that we can be at the height of the top riders in world“.

M: What are the goals for the coming year?

RG: “With the car that we have released now we will try to run around the Championship of Spain, to make any World cup race and of course going to run the Dakar Rally. There is that putting together all the pieces of the puzzle and therefore not we will run this next Dakar, although until now I have had the affection of Mitsubishi and all my sponsors that they have always supported me and who have opted for this great car. We have made an investment, between all very grande“.


M: How about the car?

“The car is incredible. This is the first time that we have a car
these features. We have been adapting little by little and in the
last stretch we’ve even won Nani Roma of 39 seconds. Has a great potential, although you’ll have to do more miles.
The car came to Spain on the Wednesday, I gave time to the ITV, to homologate
the car, bring it to my house and decorate it. We have been a month and a half
out-of-home with my two mechanics to learn the maximum from the car.
It has been very hard, we have worked very hard. Was a very risky bet to come to the last race with the new car, but it was another win and we achieved it”.

M: What Has been this biggest challenge to finish the Dakar?

RG: “After going to the Dakar and finishing second in the category T3, seeing the level that is taking the Championship of Spain, I had the illusion of having a car at the height of my rival and win. What we have achieved. Now we have a car, computer and airbag that form a puzzle that can be a good set outside of our borders“.