Rubén Gracia is passed to Ford thinking in the Dakar 2018


Ruben Grace has set all of their successes together with
. After winning three times in the Championship of Spain of Rallies
All-Terrain (CERTT), the pilot in madrid suffered a setback by not being able to
compete in the Dakar rally 2017, all time that in terms of logistics it was impossible to
move the new Mitsubishi L-200 Proto that debuted in the Rally TT Basin
to South america. A setback that may have meant a before and an after
in the path of the pilot of Guadarrama, any time Ruben Grace has made official their signing by Ford ahead of the season 2017.

In this way, Ruben Grace will seek his fourth title of the
CERTT at the controls of the Ford Ranger T1
vehicle with which to additionally expect to be in the Dakar 2018. However, go to the
raid more hard of the world is still a challenge to long-term, so that the
claims of the madrid and of the structure GPR Sport is to go a step further
and create a structure with several vehicles hand-in-hand financial support and
technical which will be Ruben Grace the network of dealers Ford GP Aunosa,
BF Goodrich and the rest of partners and sponsors
that accompany the pilot

Various factors have caused us to opt for
finally, by the offer of Ford GP Aunosa
, a promising project that raises
the challenge of the incorporation of a new and important mark in the contest”

explained Ruben Grace. The spaniard also added: “Parallel
create a great squad environment to our team GPR Sport. Under this
scheme, several riders on vehicles similar to ours that are already in
manufacturing stage will be added to the CERTT
throughout the season. This
alliance allows us to have large options of the future, to grow and follow
looking interesting objetivos