RUF presented tomorrow in Geneva its first model created from scratch


it Will be the first model to the full of RUF and will be based on the Yellowbird.

Although the firm RUF is considered by many as a simple tuner, what is certain is that is a real manufacturer. In fact, it is because of high in your country as such and has its own numbers of frame. So not only is dedicated to modify models of the signature of Stuttgart, which is neither more nor less, who has put on the map this small German company.

Of the new model’s little or nothing we know. Until the time RUF has just revealed that it will have a chassis monocoque carbon fiber and custom-that will be based on the model most emblematic of the brand, the RUF CTR. This is more commonly known by fans by his nickname, Yellow bird.

The RUF CTR, or Yellow bird was a bestial preparation of RUF on the Porsche 911’s of the generation G-Series. This was a version heavily modified flat-six 3.2-liter delivered between 470 and 500 horses. Their performances were the best of the time – we talk about the second half of the decade of the eighties – about 3.6 seconds to do the 0 to 100 km/h and a maximum speed of 340 km/h, which became a model faster than the two sports of the time, the Ferrari F40 and the Porsche 959.


The CTR was a real beast, so we hope that the new model is also..

The brand has not revealed any images to accompany this announcement, or even more data, so we do not know fully both his typology as the engine that will push it.

Taking into account that the mark has mentioned the classic CTR, is to be expected that the new model is a whole beast. But until tomorrow, or until a subsequent filtration, we will not know more of the model. In the last decade, the German house has already presented a prototype of its own development, the R50, but this project ultimately never came to fruition.

This and all the news that will be unveiled in Geneva you can find from our directory, as well as the last hour of the salon, thanks to our live monitoring,. we are doing from the own hall of the swiss capital.