Rumors of an Opel GT 2018, what the third will be the charm?


we will See a GT in Opel, but with what design?

During his christmas address, itself is not something exclusive of politicians or kings, the CEO of Opel has not only been in charge of summarizing the year that we are about to leave behind, but that has also been in charge of us to anticipate what we will see in the future. And between those models that are yet to come, it is possible to see a Opel GT 2018.

As we have already said at the beginning, the name GT (Gran Turismo), is being used by Opel since the year 1965, the date of launch of the original model. For more than eight years, this was present in a market a little given to your purchase. Even so it surpassed the 100,000 units sold.

In 2006, Opel wanted to get back to that appellation, and to this end launched the new Opel GT, which was put on sale in 2006. This did not meet with expectations, despite the fact that his power was 264 HP, so its sales were residual and discontinued just two years after starting his career.


The Opel GT original sold well, and will serve as a mirror for the new

According to the saying of the third time lucky, once again Opel is thinking of bring it back to life. At least that is what has been suggested to the CEO of the company, Karl-Thomas Neumann. Get to materialize this idea, it is more likely that we will see the GT derived from the Opel Astra 2016, with its new manufacturing process lightened and become an excellent platform on which to from.

The concept would be a 2+2, thereby abandoning the idea of two-seater of its predecessors. To be more graphic, it would be a direct rival for the Volkswagen Scirocco. despite starting the new Astra, the GT does not count with the same design. It would be more daring, giving priority to form over function, and with a great amount of technology in its interior.

In terms of mechanical, is soon to determine which blocks would come with the GT. Well it is true that we are waiting for the units most sporting of the Astra, the GSi and OPC. Get to materialize the project, it’s sure that these engines would become part of the same, with a power of close to 300 horses.


The version of 2006, he was a commercial failure, disappearing just two years after arriving

Such is the faith that Opel and their managers have in this project that soon we will see a prototype that we will advance to the Opel GT, although will have to wait until 2018 to see it made a reality. The Geneva motor show next march should be the right place to see this concept. We will see what such.