Runs by him, one of the few Porsche 911 R will go on auction

Porsche 911 Rthe arrival of The Porsche 911 R has raised a great stir. And is that it is a nueveonce created by and for the purists, with a configuration that avoids modern trends and a perfect aesthetic for fall in love with anyone. There are few copies to be produced of the 911 R, being mission impossible to access any of the drives. This situation has motivated the same model to shoot in the second-hand market, which sees prices that doubled or tripled the original. One of these few Porsche 911 R will go on auction now, and is expected to reach amounts that are unfit for most mortals.

The auction will be held tomorrow, October 7, via Knokke Le-Zoute. The event will take place in Belgium, where it will be exposed the beautiful marina. The first polls indicate that this unit of Porsche 911 R is sold at a price of between 250,000 and 350,000 euros, although this amount is small for so many others. The majority ensures that the German will increase from € 500,000, even 600,000 euro. A number still much tighter than the one million euros that some are asking in the second hand market for your Porsche 911 R.

Porsche 911 RGregory Tuytens, representative of Bonhams in Belgium, has said that “the Porsche 911 R is a car for purists, and for this reason is justified the popularity that has made becoming the 911 most wanted today. Six months ago, the launch price was around 200,000 euros, but since the Porsche 911 R is negotiated at around 500,000 – 600,000 euros. We believe that our estimate, which is fair, will attract a large number of enthusiasts interested in purchasing one of Porsches most rare in the world.”

The particular unit has only travelled 52 kilometres. Presents a white finish which contrasts with a black interior with shades of brown. This is the drive no. 135 of the total of 991 units which will be carried to the street.

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