Runs do you end up? Already have sold 200 Bugatti Chiron

The sales of the Bugatti Chiron seem to go from strength to strength, and is that with the debut of the Bugatti Chiron in the U.S., the French manufacturer Bugatti has confirmed that they have already sold 200 units of the new Bugatti Chiron… and that only 6 months ago that it was officially presented to the public, and its sale price is around 2.5 million euros.


If you buy a Bugatti Chiron today, your delivery will not occur until at least late 2019

In a world where we have become accustomed to view as normal that the presentation of the supercars are made with the tagline of “all sold”, Bugatti is always unchecked this trend with the previous Bugatti Veyron, the model of which it was even to talk about difficulties to place the last of the 450 units are produced. The Bugatti Veyron was introduced in 2005, but until the last moment he had available units to set the.

But with the Bugatti Chiron it’s not going to be the case, and it is in these moments have already closed the sales of 200 of the 500 units that are intended to make of the Chiron. The best thing about this figure is that we speak of models that will be manufactured according to the characteristics of the Bugatti Chiron, which met at the Geneva motor show this year, so Bugatti has enough of a margin to make your own, and begin to provide countless special editions and limited series that give that extra exclusivity to sell the entire production in half the time that it took the Veyron.

bugatti-chiron-2016-mas-6At the end of this year will be the first deliveries to a customer, but Bugatti has already warned that the deadlines for delivery today dilate up to about oh 3 years!!. The factory Bugatti in Molsheim maintained in terms of manufacturing really high, needing almost 4 days to complete a single unit of the Bugatti Chiron.

Source: Bugatti