Russian roulette for Tanak and Evans in the Rally of Wales


the end of the season 2015 of the WRC is about and there are still several seats to be defined. Citro├źn and M-Sport are the focus of all eyes. None of the two teams has decided to its roster of riders for 2016. The performance of discrete its pilots in certain phases of the season and the possibility of ‘scratching’ in the market a pilot of a first level has been delaying the decision until such a point that the drivers of M-Sport will play their future to a letter. His performance in Wales can mean to follow or be out of the formation of Cumbria.

Ott Tanak and Elfyn Evans credited youth and talent, but may not be enough. The Estonian has been very rapid in the central part of the season getting even a podium in the Rally of Poland with a superb performance. However, it has become five times out of the points and the first six rallies of the year were a real torture. For its part, Elfyn Evans has stopped cold with his riding at certain times, but it has added another two podiums, with its incredible role on the Tour de Corse included. To the points, Evans surpasses Tanak by 18 units.

however, these merits may be insufficient for one of them. Neither of the two pilots have their future assured. Malcolm Wilson is a old dog and will try to take advantage of the discrepancies that may exist in the next few months to get a pilot top, a spear tip for your project in 2016. Si M-Sport gets a sponsor strong, will try to tie it to one of the riders pointers of the championship, leaving a seat free for Ott Tanak, or Elfyn Evans. This condition eventually will be very present for both pilots, which will play its future in the Rally of Wales to face or cross, or better said, to the Russian roulette.