Ryan: “Manor has earned the respect of the pit-lane”


Manor had to build a team viable from what little remained of Marussia in the first few months of 2015. For this updated single-seater 2014 in order to comply with the regulations and, along with a motor of the previous year, managed to finish the season.

But those months were crucial, as it allowed the team to hire engineers of prestige as Nikolas Tombazis or Pat Fry, in addition to undertake a reorganization of the team in all areas. The result has been a competitive team that has come to be classified in the Q2 and that, from the hand of Pascal Wehrlein, managed to score points in the Grand Prix of Austria.

All this, according to their Sporting Director, has contributed to that Manor to earn the respect of his colleagues in the Formula 1. “we Needed to make a great improvement of performance, and so we did. We have to go back to do something similar, but the goal was that we wanted to earn the respect of the pit-lane and what we have done. There were several times this year that really deserved to be to be in Q2 for pure performance and have met the objectives, but not enough. If we can continue to build the team, then there is no reason to expect that we do not go to continue to improve,”, ” said the british in statements to Autosport.

Ryan believes that, although it is a slow and complicated process, as the Manor is very clear to where he wants to go in Formula 1 and the recovery shown in 2016 reflects this. “we Learned many lessons, and it is a huge challenge. If you look at the pit-lane and see the resources that other teams have, you know that it will not be easy. The frustration appears when you know what you need to do and in the position in which you need to be, but you are aware that it is going to take two or three seasons to get there. The budgets are obviously an important topic but, in terms of value, we recover the money that we donate to the team, is something pretty awesome. We know that there is still a huge work to do,”, concluded the Sporting Director of Manor.